Vermont Transco Transmission Administration Manual

The Vermont Transco Transmission Administration Manual, or V-TAM, clarifies and interprets the terms and provisions of the 1991 Vermont Transmission Agreement, the Substation Participation Agreement, VELCO and VT Transco's Open Access Transmission Tariffs, and any other FERC accepted or approved tariffs entered into by VELCO and VT Transco. The V-TAM provides users with a more transparent understanding of VELCO and VT Transco’s FERC-approved tariff administration, and, in particular, is intended to provide Vermont Distribution Utilities that benefit from new transmission projects or upgrades to transmission projects with information to assist them in reaching a cost allocation agreement among themselves that they deem appropriate. This Manual also is intended to address any potential conflicts associated with cost allocation agreements for transmission projects, and to ensure that a cost allocation agreement is in place before VELCO applies for a Certificate of Public Good.

The V-TAM library on this page provides access to the original manual as adopted in 2008, as well as subsequent revisions and the revision process including drafts and notices. 

Issued Effective Name Type Status
9/16/2013 V-TAM rev 1 as accepted Manual Adopted
7/15/2013 Notice of proposed amendments to V-TAM Notice Proposed
7/15/2013 V-TAM, proposed amendments, redline Manual Proposed
12/13/2013 V-TAM, rev1 Manual Adopted
11/1/2008 V-TAM Manual Adopted
12/13/2013 V-TAM, proposed amendments, redline Manual Proposed